Crazy destinations for adventurers in India

Do you miss your daily routine? Spare yourself from the monotony of life in the mode “from 9 to 18” and go on a well-deserved vacation filled with adventure. And if you take into account all weekends and holidays, the possibilities for traveling become more and more mother-in-law!

In this selection we present you some of the coolest adventure spots in India, where you can realize and perform the craziest ideas together with your companion.

Track Ruckpoint, Uttrakand – Invincible trekking with death

Prepare for a paradise for trekking enthusiasts with a mystical twist on the way to Rukpund Glacier Lake. At the end of the route you can see a lot of human skeletons scattered all over the place, especially at the edges of the lake. That’s why this route is known as a walk with death, it is one of the most unique adventures in India.

Also consider other destinations such as: Zanskar Ciadar Track in Kashmir, Kalka-Kasauli Track, Naga Tibba Track.

Motorcycle tour from Shimla to Lech

Ladakh is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for an adventurous trip to India. If you really want to explore the countryside with your best friends, then go on a motorcycle tour. You can organize your own route or join any expedition.

Also consider other destinations such as: Tar Desert, Spiti Valley, Kochi Munnar route

Meghalaya Caves

Cave travel is one of the best adventure sports in India. Meghalaya, with its fascinating caves located among waterfalls and green forests, is sure to attract and surprise even the most avid travelers.

So, pack your bags, as you may need a lot of equipment, as well as food to eat in remote caves. Don’t forget to take some protective equipment with you, because you never know what kind of wild friend you can find on the road. Travel safely, guys!

Also consider other destinations such as: Aurangabad Caves in Maharashtra, Araku Valley in Visakhapatam, Badami in Karnataka

Parasailing, Kerala

How about a bird’s-eye view of Payambalam Beach with your friends? It will be an exciting experience for you to watch the Arabian Sea while you soar high above it in the sky. Have you climbed to a height of 300 feet? This one, yes! What a height!

Goa – Flyboarding

Goa is undoubtedly the best place for water adventure sports in India. But water sports have also made a huge breakthrough with the launch of the world-famous “flyboarding”.

If you’re looking for an extreme source of adrenaline, try this bold sport! You take off, you fly, and you hover over the water, and this flight promises to be hellishly interesting!

Mysore Skydive

At least once in your life you should feel like you’re floating in the sky like a bird. This is your chance! Go on a parachute jump and feel the freedom!

Afraid to risk your life? Send your friend first! A joke. In this case, it is better to go jump with an expert. Mysore is one of the best places to make this adventurous jump overlooking the blue sky and green valleys.

Also consider other destinations, such as: Mysore in Karnataka, Dhana in Madhya Pradesh, Disa in Gujarat.

Kerala’s a bungee ride

Journey over the high hills, valleys and rivers of Kerala during an exciting adventure sport called “Flying Fox”. This flight looks like a scene from a Hollywood movie – you’re tied to a rope at a certain height, located between two mountain peaks.

You start from one end and bingo, reach the other! You saved the world. This sport will certainly make your vacation extremely adventurous. You can also enjoy trampoline jumping, mountaineering and several water sports in Kerala.

Also consider other destinations such as: Nimrana in Rajasthan, Kikar in Punjab and Rishikesh in Uttrakand.

Rishikesh is a bungee jumping

The tallest 83-meter high bungee jumping ground in Rishikesh is the best place to feel the ecstasy of a free fall.

It’s your official ticket to reach unprecedented heights – literally! Share the excitement of this adventure with friends by plunging into the clear water of the Ganges River! Try other sports in Rishikesh, as well as river rafting, kayaking, mountaineering and paragliding.

Also consider other destinations such as Bangalore in Karnataka, Lonavala in Maharashtra and Delhi.

Diving near an active volcano

The tranquil and secluded Barren Island in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands offers an underwater adventure experience.

Immerse yourself in crystal clear, untouched water and enjoy the view of coral gardens and fascinating basalt formations that will remain in your memory for a long time. This is a great place to try the adventurous water sports of India.

This place offers not only adventure, but also luxurious amenities to relax after all the extreme stress on the spine.

Also consider other destinations such as: Goa in Maharashtra, Lakshavvik Islands and Pondicherry.

Mountains of Satpura, Madhya Pradesh – Rock climbing

The steep terrain of Madhya Pradesh’s Satpura Ridge offers a wonderful climbing spectacle.

Along with the Satpura Ridge, other places in Madhya Pradesh are also noteworthy: Pachmarhi, Jabalpur and Chanderi, they are also extremely interesting places if your gang of travelers have a passion for mountains, mountaineering and extreme sports.

Also consider other destinations, such as Kufri in Himachal Pradesh, Kanchenjanga in Sikkima and Dunagiri in Uttarakhand.

Judy P. Santiago

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