Go On A Cruise

Cruises are profitable.

Going on a cruise is advantageous because the price includes almost everything you need for an incredible trip: food, accommodation, leisure time at any time of the day and night, as well as transportation to your destination. Prices for the most popular cruise destinations often start at $100 per person per day.

This is much less than the amount you would spend on a hotel, dinner at a restaurant and entertainment. Some cruise companies offer significant discounts or even allow children who will be staying in the same cabin with their parents to travel for free.

Do you want to spend your vacation in style? The cost of a more expensive cruise includes even more pleasures, such as alcohol, refreshments, tips for staff, ground tours, credits for expenses on board and even flights.

You’ll see a lot of places, and you’ll unpack the suitcase just once.

On the cruise you unpack once and then your floating hotel takes you from city to city, from island to island. You don’t have to worry about train or ferry schedules, you don’t have to carry a heavy suitcase through the cobbled streets.

You’ll wake up in a new place every morning. Can’t choose between Saint Lucia and Barbados, Italy and Spain? And why choose at all? Determine your destination and visit all the cities you want to see.

It’s convenient for a family to go on a cruise

Cruises are interesting for people of all ages, from babies to teenagers, from grandparents to grandchildren. If you want to go on vacation, which will be pleasant for your 5-, 10- or 15-year-old child, but in which you will find entertainment, know that the cruise liners will be organized for representatives of all generations.

Teenagers will hang out separately from the playgrounds for young children (and, of course, at a decent distance from adult swimming pools and bars). Tynegger is sure to enjoy a trip where you can play video games and swim in the pool and meet your family at lunch and on land excursions. Parents can even have a romantic dinner, as the kids’ clubs on the liners work late.

You can choose your own ship

In one person’s mind, a cruise ship is a huge liner with a climbing wall and an open-air cinema. The other one prefers a small cozy ship. The third one will want to go on a sailing trip. All of them will be able to choose the cruise according to their wishes.

Both the river barges for 12 people from French Country Waterways and the giant Oasis of the Seas, owned by Royal Caribbean, can accommodate up to 5,400 passengers. If you want to travel in style, Seabourn Odyssey is the perfect choice for you, and if you’re looking for minimalism, stop at Star Clippers.

Want an extreme? Go on an expedition on a frost-free Fram from Hurtigruten.

You’ll have something to do on board.

Modern cruise ships are designed to meet the needs of the most discerning tourists. Want to indulge yourself in a spa while your husband plays casino? Or laze in the sun with an interesting book, sending your family to play basketball?

You can attend an educational seminar, a wine tasting, a computer lesson or a dance class; you can do ceramics or yoga painting; go to the dining room, a luxury restaurant, sushi bar, café or steakhouse; watch a movie, comedy or dance show, or maybe a live performance by musicians. At the same time, no one will forbid you to just relax while waiting for your arrival at the next port.

Cruise is easy to plan

The cruise is extremely easy to plan, because the trip already includes both transport and accommodation. Choose a boat, direction and cabin and, voila, you are ready to go! There is no need to look for a suitable hotel, no need to arrange a transfer between the two cities.

You can even ask the manager to choose your flight or the nearest port of departure to make your trip as easy as possible. Cruises are also ideal for groups of tourists.

Cruise companies usually plan on how to get a group together in one place so you don’t have to worry about how 20 of your relatives and friends from all over the country can travel together in an organized way. Simply book your cabins in bulk, and you can get a variety of bonuses up to and including a free trip!

Ships are floating cities

If you’re worried you’re gonna be abandoned in the middle of the ocean, relax. Cruise ships are more like big cities because they are equipped with all the latest technology, such as Wi-Fi, cellular phones and satellite TV.

On a cruise you can stay in touch with the rest of the world (of course, if you want to). In the shops on board you can buy all the accessories that you forgot to put in your suitcase. If you need help from a doctor or medicine, modern medical centres are at your disposal.

You can even wash your clothes in the laundries on board, so you don’t have to bring too many things with you. Of course, on board the cruise ship you can also find all sorts of gyms, restaurants, cinemas, spas, swimming pools, theatres and discos. You shouldn’t be afraid of emergency situations, because there are enough lifeboats for everyone.

Plan an exotic trip

Always wanted to see Asia, but worried about the language barrier? You are attracted to the Middle East, but the fear of ignorance of any national traditions and customs has made you constantly postpone your trip? A cruise is one of the easiest ways to see exotic places.

Cruise destinations include the most important cities and the most picturesque villages in the area, so you don’t have to worry about finding interesting places in an unfamiliar region.

If you don’t feel comfortable wandering around a strange city alone, simply choose a cruise with an experienced tour guide. You can also team up with more experienced travellers who are easy to meet online or on board to rent a taxi or hire a personal guide.

Cruises are romantic

If you’ve seen the movie “The Love Boat”, you know how much romance is in sea voyages. The wind in your hair, the endless horizon, the sparkling stars – sounds like a clichĂ©, but in reality can create an incredible mood!

If you want to get the spark back into your relationship with your husband, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to spend time together on a cruise – sitting next to the pool, having dinner together, dancing every night or having a great time on the beach.

Cruise lines also offer special trips for honeymooners and spouses with experience. Moreover, you can even play a wedding on board or during one of the stops.

Cruises are communication

If you like to meet interesting people from all over the world, you will have a great opportunity to make new friends on the cruise. Even before the trip you can contact other tourists in specialized forums and gather groups for independent excursions.

On board you will meet new people at dinner, at the bar and by the pool. Your neighbor may be from Paris or London. Your children will also find companions of their own age to play with, so they won’t get in the way of you or their older siblings.

Are you looking for your soul mate? There are plenty of examples that a large number of happy, long term relationships were born during a vacation on a cruise.

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