Interesting places for beach holidays in Bulgaria

In the article we have collected 10 interesting beaches of Bulgaria for you. There are wild, municipal and private beaches here. We are sure that at least one of the listed beaches will be to everyone’s taste!

Please note that without a car it will be difficult to get to some of these beautiful places, a taxi will be expensive, so we recommend that you rent a car for a few days to visit more interesting places located in Bulgaria.


Not far from the Turkish border is the southernmost city of coastal Bulgaria – Ahtopol, based on the site of an ancient Trakiya settlement. Ancient Greeks called this city Agathopolis (translated from Greek as “city of love”).

The city does not resemble the usual sea resorts and is a rocky peninsula with fishing boats and lighthouses. That is why it is not in demand among tourists, whose goal is to sunbathe and swim in the sea on a well-groomed beach: without algae and large stones.

But there are also those for whom a quiet rest is not the main thing, but the main thing – interesting discoveries and feelings: to dive with a mask, to hunt for crabs and oysters, to fish.


Albena is a city on the Black Sea coast, focused on family holidays. There are a lot of places for family leisure: water parks, bowling clubs, mini-golf courses, amusement parks, tennis courts.

You can reach them by mini-train, which is one of the main forms of tourist transport of this small town.

The length of the local landscaped beach – 5 kilometers, 150 meters from the coast depth does not exceed 2 meters, which is very suitable for young children. Nightlife here is also there, so that parents can also find something to their liking.


Bolata beach is located 75 km north of Varna, 5 km from the Bulgarian village of Bolgaryovo and 13 km from the town of Kavarna. It is located in the former military zone and is a small bay with two pier, surrounded by mountain ranges.

Cave apertures can be seen in the massifs (in ancient times they were inhabited, which is proved by the excavations found). Here is a very secluded atmosphere and a place where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the open Black Sea, and still not far from here is the Cape Kaliakra.

Cape Kaliakra goes into the sea, its distance is 2 kilometers, and the height of the rocky coast reaches 70 meters. In pursuit of beach holidays, do not forget to visit it from the most beautiful places in Bulgaria.

Golden Sands

Golden Sands is a Black Sea resort located on the territory of the national park with the same name, rich in its healing waters from hot mineral springs.

On the local beach, the sand is golden and, according to many people, it is here that the best sand in Europe is found. Golden Sands Resort is quieter than Sunny Beach, but nevertheless, there is a sufficient number of facilities inviting you to have a good time.


Forgot to take your swimsuit? Not a problem! In Bulgaria there is a beach Irakli – a favorite place for nudists. This is the place where the wild nature and the 5 kilometers long shore with fine and soft sand underfoot are combined.

Here you can come with tents and spend a few days away from civilization. Every 30th of June, hippies, informal, rock music fans come here to celebrate the “July morning”.

The tradition came from the 70s of the 20th century and has grown stronger over the years. The romantic atmosphere of the beach is in the minds of tourists on the legendary ballad of the group Uriah Heep “July Morning”. And when you hear “July Morning” on Herakli beach on June 30th, admiring the sunrise from the sea, you’ll understand.

Pasha Dere

Another corner untouched by civilization is the beach Pasha Dere, located south of Varna in front of the Black Sea highway. The place is famous for its wild nature, untouched tourist activities, clean and wide beaches.

The beach is attractive for camping enthusiasts who come here to stay with tents for the whole summer. The beach can be reached by a road that branches from the road to Burgas.

The road is very narrow and the last kilometers of the way is a dirt road, but still you can reach the beach by car.


Silistar beach is a secluded place at the crossroads of river and sea. It is here that the Veleka River originates. You can get here from the side of Sinemorets village.

The beach is part of the Strandja National Nature Park, which is considered one of the most exotic parks in Bulgaria due to the local flora and fauna. The coast of the local beach is clean and quite shallow, though a bit rocky.

Silistar is a favorite beach of divers and may be to the taste of kitesurfers (but you need to be careful, as there are stone boulders on the sides of the beach). By the way, camping here is allowed.


Sozopol is a resort in Bulgaria, founded in the 6th-7th century B.C. by Greek sailors, to whom a small rocky peninsula reminded their homeland. The Greeks named the city Apollonia after the patron saint of the god Apollo and erected a bronze statue in his honor.

The statue has survived to this day, but is now kept in the Roman Capitol because of the legionary Marcus Lucullus, who destroyed the city at the end of the 1st century BC and moved the statue of Apollo. After five centuries Apolonia “resurrected” and became known as Sozopolis, the city of salvation.

It is possible to relax here on two nearby beaches: Goldfish and Kavatsi. And if it is difficult for you to decide on the choice, the council will walk around the city and look at each of them from the side.

Sunny Beach

The most famous of all beaches in Bulgaria is Sunny Beach. It is the largest and busiest resort in the country. The beach is 8 km away.

The “multistorey” resort attracts lovers of nightlife with its clubs, restaurants, attractions and many others. There is no need to go here for those who like to have a quiet rest, as every summer night the dancers light up the floors and enjoy the loud music.

By the way, not far from Sunny Beach there is another main attraction of Bulgaria – the old town of Nessebar, located on the island. It is also worth visiting!


Varvara beach is located near the village of Varvara. Its territory is not very large, but clean. It is less crowded than popular resorts in Bulgaria, but still deserves attention.

There is a sandy beach and clean sea, and on the bottom of which near the coast there are boulders where you can hunt crabs. Every year it becomes more and more popular among tourists, so we advise you not to drag out and visit it soon.

Judy P. Santiago

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