Magic Witches – Do They Help Or Harm?

Be it White magic witches or Wizardry Witches – since aeons ago witches have actually been looked down upon as Satan’s much been afraid bad representatives on earth, that do hellish routines of unspeakable physical violence as well as who are half human, half animal creatures of the dark, finest avoided by the muggles.

Black Magic Witches are, in plain terms, evil witches – they are considered as wickedness. The most common notions concerning them gathered from fairytale and youngsters’s storybooks are that they steal from poor individuals, they keep monkeys with wings as well as they ride about on mops.

As Well As Black Magic Witches are typically delusively quite as TV programs on witchcraft would like us to believe. What is the picture that comes up to our minds when we consider Black Magic Witches? For reference, allow us attract a quick recap of the figure of witches as discovered in all those storybooks, fairy tale and also grandmother’s tales that we were utilized to in our youth.

And naturally, Macbeth’s 3 witches are a case in point along with they assist to reinstate and also reinforce the preconditioned as well as extremely creative picture of witches in our minds.

Human background has constantly spoken of Wizardry Witches in negative terms. They are these old and wrinkly old hags using pointy black hats and black capes, that always keep black cats, bats as well as winged monkeys as family pets.

They enjoy to ride around on broomsticks and other Tools for Witches that fly in the air, particularly in the midnight as well as they invoke bad spells as well as hexes with rickety bony hands as well as impossibly long claw like finger nails over gurgling cauldrons in black!

It is additionally believed that witches eliminate children, drink or utilize their blood to make hellish potions, worship the devil, make human and animal sacrifices as well as placed curses on humankind that lead to plant failure, starvation, disease and also illness, inability to conceive in women as well as which can even make cow’s milk go sour!

Throughout the midlifes, during the Elizabethan age as well as also in the modern, sophisticated, scientifically well informed 21st century, countless innocent women having understanding of natural herbs and organic medication, were as well as are eliminated, charred active or are stoned/beaten to death in various countries of the globe because of this raging misconception regarding witches.

And all of these innocents passed away as well as pass away an extremely uncomfortable death on the risks as they are just average humans like us and also couldn’t/ can not endure the ‘hellish’ torture inflicted on them. Actual witches, however, can come out to life as well as uninjured after being charred active at a risk!

Whereas in reality, Wizardry Witches do nothing of the kinds as are alleged versus them. Neither do they take, neither do they kill. And also when it comes to utilizing natural herbs, charms, scent, oils and also incantations, also the Christian Catholic Church and numerous other faiths of the globe officially utilize the same points and also perform the very same routines as witches.

Yet nobody also thinks about aiming an implicating finger versus the church!  Black Magic Witches neither count on the evil one neither do they prayer the evil one. And if they attempt to cause any type of harm to an innocent, that injury will return to haunt her 3 times a lot more highly and also wont impact the innocent.

Wizardry Witches are primarily sensible old women of letters, who are scholars in the topics of metaphysics, magic, spirituality as well as herbs and who use their beneficial knowledge to aid humankind, not to cause devastation and also destruction, as is wrongly believed by oblivious ill notified fools.

Judy P. Santiago

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